Making sense of our experience – one click at a time

You are what you eat – so the saying goes. But it’s our last 1000 meals rather than yesterday’s food that makes us who we are.

And the same goes for our lives in general. Chances are it’s the accumulation of the way we experience the thousands of events that impact upon us – consciously or otherwise – as our lives unfold that make us who we are. And research suggests the way we experience these events seems to be as much shaped by our social context as by personal choice. So we might tell ourselves we need to work on various aspects of our lives but keep missing the opportunity to become aware of the subtle influence our social surroundings exert upon our behaviour. In order to change ourselves we need to change our context – and in order to change our context we need to know what it’s made of.

Powered by Sensemaker, we are building weRwhereweR – an app that will allow you to create a realtime diary of your experiences. The app offers the opportunity to look for patterns in your diary entries so you can start to make sense of the situations that shape your life. And making sense leads to making choices about where to focus our attention and energy in ways that can make a difference to our experience of ourselves and the world around us.

While we are building the fully functional app it would be great if you could test drive the prototype version and offer any observations or comments. The prototype works with both iOS and Android devices and, at this stage of development, you need to download and install the sensemaker app. Once you have installed the app just click on ‘Download activities’ and enter We_are_where_we_are as your activity code and you will be up and running.

SenseMaker - Cognitive Edge Pte Ltd

Comments, challenges and suggestions for improvement all gratefully received.

And returning to the issue the way we experience our experiences – this short video shows how the context we find ourselves within can shape the things we notice. And the things we don’t notice…