Happy heads may get better sleep

happy_happyA recent research study has found that when our happiness varies wildly in response to the good and bad things that happen to us every day our sleep can suffer. The full research report, summarised by Futurity.org here, can be found in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

Some of the findings that may be of interest:

The team found that, as expected, having a more positive general outlook on life was associated with improved sleep quality. But they found that the more reactive or fragile a participant’s positive emotions were in relation to external events, the more their sleep was impaired, especially for individuals high in positivity to begin with.
“Previous research suggests that the experience of joy and happiness may slow down the effects of aging by fortifying health-enhancing behaviors such as restorative sleep,” says first author Anthony Ong, associate professor of human development at Cornell University. “Our study extends this research by showing that whereas possessing relatively stable high levels of positive emotion may be conducive to improved sleep, unstable highly positive feelings may be associated with poor sleep because such emotions are subject to the vicissitudes of daily influences.”

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