Disqus Gravity: Picturing the web of conversation

Screen Shot gravity by disqus
Via the Disqus blog: “…Gravity: a new way to see Disqus and discover great discussions in communities across our network. Finding great online discussions is hard. Typically, you have to go to them, they don’t come to you. And even then, there’s a lot of luck involved. Disqus Gravity changes that. It’s a live feed of trending discussions happening across the galaxy of sites that use Disqus.

See it for yourself at disqus.com/gravity

Most content discovery is based on counting page views and clicks. Others count how often a piece of content is shared or emailed. And It’s usually delivered in a list or directory format. We wanted to do something new because there’s a difference between what people click and share and what they actually take the time to comment on and participate in.

What you’re seeing in Gravity are discussions experiencing a spike in volume. What you’re seeing is what people are talking about. At any given time, Gravity is pulling trending discussions from 500 sites, showing 60 links at a time, grouped by categories. Categories make it easier to digest and find what’s most interesting to you.

It’s also interactive and tactile to make it fun and exploratory. You can grab and drag topics around and zoom into the discussions dominating that subject. Best of all, you can find new content from some of the web’s best publishers and favorite communities.”

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